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Past Results for Compo Round 12

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st Knetter Deep River sdc12_Knetter-Deep_River.rar 37/12
2nd Mickrip In the Context of the Universe sdc12_MickRip-contextoftheuniverse.rar 40/11
3rd organic_io inflection point sdc12_dj_io-inflection_point.rar 34/9
4th PLOVA Electronz 23/7
5th dEViLOCk sLOw mOTiOn sUPERNOVa sdc12_dEViLOCk-sLOw_mOTiOn_sUPERNOVa.rar 16/7
6th damon Stand of Time 17/6
6th scott same old cheese sdc12_scott-same_old_cheese.rar 17/6
7th drye Let Her Sleep 14/5
8th teajay Beyond 13/5
9th crosfire [s6_7@uR_6u16@ 13/3
10th sim sdc12_simon_return 0;.xrns 5/3
11th overthruster anal cheese giraffe 7/2
12th RobWilliamsJnr Horse Shoe sdc12-RobWilliamsJnr-HorseShoe.rar 4/3
12th JustinCredible Shapeshifter sdcRound12_JustinCredible-Shapeshifter.rar 6/2
12th Akirra It's a small strange song sdc12_Akirra_Its_small_strange_song.rar 6/2
13th Relabs Noncarnot 2/1
14th Cadence March of Bad Santas 1/1
AV Necto_Ulin No Chance Left -/-
AV Chotoro Minute Man -/-

Past Results

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