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Past Results for Compo Round 13

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st ruthlinde platform game sdc13_Ruth_Linde-Platform_game.rar 47/12
2nd PLOVA Tester 33/8
3rd Harmony Kenda 25/9
4th drye Moonlight Metro 27/8
5th Aged_Sonicade Naked on the Dance Floor 22/7
6th djio_mick inhale sdc13_djio_and_mick-inhale.rar 20/7
7th Chotoro Sentient Elevators 22/6
8th RobWilliamsJnr Glowing Down sdc13-RobWilliamsJnr-GlowingDown.rar 17/6
9th overthruster hedgehog sdc13_overthruster_hedgehog.rar 15/4
10th RobbingMick Horny Astronaut sdc13-RobbingMick-HornyAstronaut.rar 9/4
11th andyray Springy Black Mohair 7/4
12th ambtax1 Thirstyfirsty sdc13_ambtax1-Thirstyfirsty.rns.rar 5/3
13th Necto_Ulin Conclave occultus sd13_Necto_Ulin-Conclave_occultus.rar 7/2
14th JustinCredible Brainstorm sd13_JustinCredible_Brainstorm.rar 4/2
15th Thierry_florian The dreamer Thedreamer.rar 3/2
15th SeanCandy Over It Yes 3/2
16th sharku Por un ratito mas... sdc13_sharku_por_un_ratito_mas.xrns.gz 2/2
17th djioandrobwilliamsjnr whispering gallery sdc13_djio_and_rwj-whispering_gallery.rar 3/1
18th Akirra Beat Reactor -/-
AV sim Captain Future gets the blues Captain_Future_gets_the_blues.rar -/-
AV crosfire give_it_back(or_keep_it-i_don't_care) sdc13_crosfire-give_it_back(or_keep_it-i_dont_care).zip -/-

Past Results

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