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Past Results for Compo Round 14

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st Chotoro SCA type 2 37/10
2nd JustinCredible Let Go (Psychoactivity) sDC14_JustinCredible_LetGo.rar 34/10
3rd Thierry_florian Zombies revenge zombies_revenge.rar 25/8
4th PLOVA XIV sdc14_XIV_! 24/8
5th crosfire join or die sdc14_crosfire-join_or_die.xrns 26/7
6th scott bg looper sdc14_scott-bg_looper.rar 20/8
7th hseiken Best Wishes 19/7
8th RobWilliamsJnr Distant sdc14_RobWilliamsJnr-sdc14-RobWilliamsJnr-Distant.xrns 22/6
9th Sagosen Sleep Darling T-Rex 12/6
10th overthruster murda murda sdc14overthruster.rar 14/5
11th plusminus Schism Authority Load schism_authority_load.gz 12/5
12th SeanCandy Born Warm sdc14_Born_Warm_by_SeanCandy.xrns 13/4
13th andyray scrubbing out my closet 11/4
14th Sonicade Shortfall sdc14_Sonicade-shortfall.xrns 9/3
15th sharku Subway Skirmish sdc14_sharku-subway_skirmish.xrns.gz 7/3
15th Aged my life is a soundtrack sdc14-aged-my_life_is_a_soundtrack.rar 7/3
16th maydaycapsize The Stars By Name 4/2
17th ambtax1 odetomyson-thendisco sdc14_ambtax-odetomyson-thendisco.rar 5/1
18th malcolm For What It's Worth 3/1
19th Knetter Cactus Lemon sdc14_Knetter-Cactus_Lemon.xrns -/-
19th sim a_perfect_circle -/-
AV steg geko steps sdc14_steg-geko_steps.xrns -/-
AV cannon_fodder_kate goes_friendly_fire sdc14_cannon_fodder_kate-goes_friendly_fire.xrns -/-

Past Results

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