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Past Results for Compo Round 29

Renoise (free demo download) is needed to play Renoise module (.XRNS) files. Entries that neglected to vote are marked AV for absent vote.

Place Author Title Filename Score/Votes
1st Mickrip Ode to Casio sdc29_mickrip-mickrip_odetocasio.xrns 54/15
2nd Knetter Blackhole One sdc29_Knetter-blackhole_one.xrns 41/12
3rd aGIANTpupafish Despite... 32/9
4th Sonicade Back in 1985 sdc29_Sonicade-Back_in_1985.xrns 28/8
5th iddy slipstream 19/6
6th Necto_Ulin Last roller sdc29_Necto_Ulin-Last_roller.xrns 16/4
7th Airmann Nerve Trippin' 12/5
8th directionless Arpiness sdc29_directionless-Arpiness.rar 10/4
9th ambtax1 What can't be sdc29_ambtax1-SDC29_what_can_t_be_.xrns 9/4
9th sam_m white dots sdc29_sam_m-sam_mottaghi-white_dots.xrns 9/4
10th ETR Strawberryvomit sdc29_ETR-eeter_-_starwberryvomit.xrns 7/5
11th chunter What the Dub sdc29_chunter-wtd.rar 11/3
12th JustinCredible Mindflower sdc29_JustinCredible-Mindflower.rar 8/4
13th Disco_Calienteness Meridian Stack sdc29_Disco_Calienteness-meridian_stack.rar 10/3
13th Taiyal Round 29 Last Place sdc29_Taiyal-Round_29_Last_Place.rar 6/5
14th k0wax sdc29test 9/2
15th Marko Icicle ark at crusades 6/2
16th Shadowbane Haphazard Nostalgia sdc29_Shadowbane-Haphazard_Nostalgia.psy.rar 5/2
17th hexmode noxa 4/2
18th gfk The stars are bright sdc29_gfk-gfk_-_250_-_4.rar 2/1
AV Aged_Sonicade Skystation Burning sdc29_Aged_Sonicade-sdc29_sonicaged-skystation_burning.xrns -/-

Past Results

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