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Round 86 Rules (Translations: 日本語)

Welcome to SDCompo Round 86!!!

Internal Tracker synthesis is NOT ALLOWED this round
This round does NOT accept drawn samples.
This round DOES accept vocal samples if they meet the requirements below (Please read all the rules)
This round does NOT accept personally recorded performances*
PlugIns (VSTi, VST, DSSI, AU, LADSPA) are NOT allowed this round except for the VSTi and VST effects mentioned below.
Sorry Mac/Linux users, all the plugins are Windows only this time. You are welcome to use Wine to run Renoise/etc as it usually works quite well

Round 86 specific rules [VERY IMPORTANT TO READ]

The theme for round 86 is "Chiptunes". While we decided to not go with actual native chip trackers, the next best thing was to impose some limitations in modern tracker software.
Therefore, there are some very specific limitations which must be followed in order for your track to meet the guidelines for this round to make it more "chip". If you do not follow the guidelines, your entry may be disqualified.

1. Only 4 note columns allowed for instruments.
This can be 4 separate tracks or 4 note columns on one track.. But you may not use more than 4 for instrumentation.

2. One additional note column or track may be used FOR VOCALS ONLY. Making the total number of note columns/tracks 5
An additional limitation for this column/track is that it must be bitcrushed to 4 bits (Or less than 4 if you are feeling really oldschool...), and the bit crusher must be the last effect on this track/column. See further below for what bitcrushers are allowed.

3. Any other native tracker effects are allowed including reverb, delay, distortion, filter, etc.
It was suggested that we might not allow these, but we decided to go ahead and allow them. You can use them at any point during your effects chain, except for on optional vocal track 5, where bitcrusher must be the last effect.

Bitcrushers are required for this round on the optional vocal track

Bitcrushers allowed are: Renoise's "Lofimat" effect, or alternately if you are not on Renoise, you must use:
Time Machine

vsti instruments allowed - You may use one, two, or all 3 of them if you like. However it would probably be more oldschool if you just stuck with one :)

Triforce (NES sound chip emulation)

Dream 64 (C64/SID chip emulation)

ymVST (Atari ST sound chip emulation)

vst effects allowed are:
tal reverb III - A stereo plate reverb, since most trackers don't have one and it's great for electronic music

TDR Feedback Compressor II - A nice and transparent real feedback compressor

(Downloads for the vst effects are provided at their sites, since there are separate versions for Win32/Win64/Mac)

You can of course still use your tracker's native effects as well as the above vst-effects. We are still coming to a consensus about a standard set of 3rd party effects plugins which would be allowed every round.

General Compo rules

1. Tracking Format / Maximum compressed file size is 10,000,000 bytes.

Accepted formats:
Renoise (.XRNS)
Modplug/IT/FT2 (.IT, .XM, .S3M, .MOD)
Psycle (.PSY)
Skale (.SKM)
Buzz (.BMW, .BMX)
MadTracker (.MT2)
Others (.???) If you are not sure if your tracker is supported, just drop us a line on the forums or one liners. It never hurts to ask!

Entries have no track length/time limit.

Entries must be compressed using .RAR, .ZIP, .GZ, or .BZ compression.
Maximum compressed filesize for entries is 10,000,000 bytes.

2. MP3 or OGG rendered link required.
All entrants are required to include a link to a rendered MP3 or OGG of your entry when you submit. Please render
and encode your MP3/OGG raw. Any mastering/EQing and or post processing is not allowed with the exception of Maximizing, Limiting, Volume Fade Out (eg: looped track), and Normalization.

3. Limited tracker features.
Modules are limited to ONLY the built in effects of your chosen tracker except of the VSTs mentioned above.

Buzz/Psycle/Modplug/MadTracker entries must include all plugins required by the track inside the entry archive (zip, rar, etc).
Arrangement plugins such as Unwieldy Tracker are allowed for Buzz.

All required files to playback the module must be included in the entry archive.
The filesize limit per entry includes any required files for playback.

4. Entry must be original.
Your entry must be original and not a remix of any previous works.

5. Please use the above vsti's only. No outside samples allowed except for vocal samples. Personally recorded performances are NOT allowed this round.
Copyrighted material or sounds you do not have permission to use are not allowed.
* Personally recorded samples are performances recorded by yourself.

6. Delete all Unused Instruments and patterns before submitting.
This helps reduce your entry's filesize and save bandwidth.

7. Identify yourself inside your submitted module file.
The Author and Song title must be included within the module.

8. Entry limits for individual and coop entries.
Individual entries are limited to 1 per person per round.
Cooperative entries are limited to 1 entry per team.
Cooperative entries are allowed in addition to your individual entry.
Voting for a coop from an individual entry is prohibited if you particpated in the coop.
Voting for an individual entry from a coop is prohibited if the individual participated in the coop.
Multiple individual entries are prohibited and will result in suspension of your entry and possibly account.

9. Voting is required.
You must vote for your top 5 favorite entries to qualify for final placement.

Please do not disregard the rules. We do not want to disqualify any entries.

The Soundevotion Competition Team

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